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Our brand new 'inferno ' ovens are stylish, functional , well made and a step forward in the manufacture of steel woodfired ovens. Read below for more details. 

Developed and built in the uk.

The Inferno 72 oven is an improved version of the 'Events' oven with added layers of insulation comb



Manufacturing Excellance

Member of the Institute of Sheetmetal Engineering and we will be at the World Skills show NEC 2019 


Produced on the very latest machines

Coded welding, CNC folding, profiling, punching,CADCAM design.



Inferno Apollo - Description

We firmly believe that the perfect oven does not exist in a 'one oven does all' manner , different applications require different ovens and there are many Woodfired ovens on the market including Stone, Brick and Steel with each having many plus and minus points depending on the application. Previous to the Inferno Apollo ovens our sister company manufactured the Gilberto 50 and 65 ovens which were and are a mid priced range ovens designed for long term use and functional to the requirements of the commercial user for the events and festivals, occasions like weddings and birthdays and also the serious domestic back garden user, these ovens were designed to heat up quickly due to the use of high content clay bricks and ceramic insulation. Working with customer feedback and the potential pitfalls of using a steel oven we have tried to develop a bigger , stronger and longer lasting oven, which has led to a complete redesign and successful tests out in field for the Inferno  . Our improvements and features include:

* Increased Size and shape of the internal oven - The Inferno 50 is  70cm x 70cm cooking hearth, the oven now has a shallower volume and increased angle on the  rear back plate which assists the flame to spread equally at the top of the chamber. The inner oven gauge has increased with no evident warping after 200 hours of use. The grade of stainless is 316 and the oven is fully welded. Overall, the inferno 50 is 90cm wide x 80 cm deep, 50cm high)  and can be supplied on its own, with stand and on a stand with castors. 

It can also be supplied for you to fit in your own trailer.

* Fast fire up and good heat retention - We have customers who haved acheived 450 plus celcius degrees in 12 minutes on the hottest days which is difficult to beat, however, we are realists and recognise that some sellers offer unrealistic claims , in truth, at -8 deg 'C it can take two hours or more to fire an oven up to temp  ,if you read on you will see our unbiased testing on a brand new oven, ours has been developed for the uk Climate -other continental manufacturers assume the avg temp of 20-22 deg, we tested the first oven 3 years ago in our factory at minus 8 degrees and we've tested at 29 degrees on one of hottest days, our claims are real, not fantastic but honest and outperform most of the more expensive ovens. We use clay bricks and 128kg ceramic insulation a superb combination to get the oven up to temp fast, so you dont have to prelight the fire prior to your event!. 

*Construction - We use powder coated 2mm zintec steel in the body of our ovens, this is now high temperature black baked on powder resistant up to 800 deg C for a long lasting and durable finish. The body is fully welded and one of the improvents  is welded 2mm channels across the base to ensure that when the bricks are positioned they remain flat and resist warping which has been a previous issue for us but is now thankfully resolved, other manufactuers still have this issue but we have tested ours up ro 700 degrees with no evident warping, another issue was bricks seperating when under heat, causing gaps in between the brick faces, this is caused by expansion and heat movement, this was an easy fix as the hearth area is now fixed - another customer advised improvement. Also as clay brick thickness can vary by 0.5mm or more then warping previously exaggerted this by 10 times!! so this is indeed a welcome fix. As mentioned we use 316 stainless steel, welded by coded welders for long life. Fixings are stainless steel througout and a high quality  grade 316 'midtherm' 5" flue and weather cowl are supplied with each unit.The base channels are infilled with ceramic insualtion

and the voids and all linings are again filled with ceramic infill giving a very high heat retention as well as fast heating.

*Customisation and maintenance - naturally, you may eventually get bored with looking at the stainless steel cover on your oven - no problem , simply remove 6 screws and fit a Copper powder coated one -or any other colour (google search RAL colour chart) for that matter that we can supply, simiarly a damaged cover , door etc.. can easily be purchased as the ovens are made to exacting sizes on CNC machinery. Maintenance is very low, the front face can be repainted using any high temperture paint in any colour, bricks can also be replaced easily and cheaply. 

 *Pricing The Inferno Apollo Oven is priced at £1075.00 (+ stand £190.00) inc vat and delivery cost  

Customer Friendly

All our customers are welcome to call in to see us and view our manufacturing operation,, our sister company has £1m invested in plant and equipment which makes all of our metalwork at a local site. You can also see the oven and trailer assembly at our sales unit nearby. There is absolutely no pressure to buy or annoying follow up calls. 


A standard 1 year warranty applies but we will also assist, for 2 further years, with any issues after this 1 year period, usually f.o.c except materials - for example you have dropped your oven and need a new top cover or simply fancy a change of colour etc..

Light 'em up. -Test 13 degrees ambient outdoor temp

Typical oven - fire up

Typical oven - fire up

Typical oven - fire up


The Following test is based on the second firing up of a new oven - the first firing is almost always quite a bit longer! 

Build your starter

Typical oven - fire up

Typical oven - fire up


we chose the log cabin style, but teepee or other arrangement is fine using waxed firestarters and kindling makes this a doddle to start up.

9.15am light the fire

Typical oven - fire up

9.37am - logs added - now 300 degrees on the centre tile


We lit the fire, added some more kindling then built another one side by side and when the fire caught we pushed to the back (but pushing to the side is ok too)

9.37am - logs added - now 300 degrees on the centre tile

9.37am - logs added - now 300 degrees on the centre tile

9.37am - logs added - now 300 degrees on the centre tile


The logs took hold quite quickly and we soon had a roaring fire, the logs were kiln dried which is hugely important - preheated logs are even better, Use the door if you want to draw the initial fire but then remove the door completley 

9.46am now 430 degrees on the centre tile

9.37am - logs added - now 300 degrees on the centre tile

9.46am now 430 degrees on the centre tile


400 plus is Ready now for Pizza, so a little over 30 mins on a damp day is pretty good going , the anologue gauge is useful to see the temperature rise and fall but for accuracy use the infrared thermometer on the inside of oven, mainly centre tile, and oven walls.

9.55am 470 degrees at centre tile

9.37am - logs added - now 300 degrees on the centre tile

9.46am now 430 degrees on the centre tile


 Create evenly heated walls at 465 deg left hand and 460 deg right hand, the oven was heated to 500 deg and then left to cool with the door on and no further logs added. 2hrs 15 mins later the oven was still at 230 deg C, which is pretty good going for a steel oven. 

Colours and finishs.....Please enquire for other finishes or

Brushed Stainless Steel

Circle Polished stainless Steel

Circle Polished stainless Steel


Very smart, high quality finish. comes with a protective film on delivery

Circle Polished stainless Steel

Circle Polished stainless Steel

Circle Polished stainless Steel


Scratch resistant , wont rust, long life assured .

Antique Copper

Circle Polished stainless Steel

Antique Copper


easy to keep clean and looking new, soapy water is all thats needed!


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